Fun Ideas for P.E Lessons

Physical Education (P.E) can be challenge to teach. Students can lack the enthusiasm or even the coordination to participate in these lessons effectively. PE lessons are usually the only type of exercise that most children have so having a lackluster lesson is unacceptable. You have to include some fun and exciting aspects for your lesson to inspire children to participate and become more active. Two quick and easy games can make your lesson much more interesting.

  1. The Raft Game (Lava Lake Game) - This game is suitable for a young group of students generally consisting of those under 11 years of age. The game consists of dividing your PE lessons into several groups and giving each group two gym mats. The idea is to pretend that the gym floor is the lava lake or the river and that the gym mats are the rafts. Each team has to get across the gym without touching the floor directly. You can make this more fun as a competition so that each time a team member fails to get on the mat; they have to go back to the start. A competitive team game is always a good way of encouraging teamwork and participation in your lesson.
  2. Capture the Flag - Everyone loves the game of “capture the flag”. It inspires children to work in teams and win together. While the normal game usually takes place outside and the flags are at different locations, you can make a simpler version in your gym. After separating your class into teams for example three different teams, you can make a short obstacle course of where the students have to do physical exercises such as skip rope, sack racing, and frog jumping in order to get closer to the other team’s flag. The victor is the team that makes it to all three flags first.